Position Opening

There is a high potential for a fully-funded Research Fellowship opening beginning Summer 2024.

Our Goal

To maximize Christ’s glory by earning recognition in providing timely, rigorous, and viable computational fluid dynamics analyses.

Our Research

We do research on all things "fluid dynamics."

Industrial Applications

We have researched nuclear power plant design, chemical reactor design, and energy generation.


We are currently researching quantum computing heat transfer, artificial intelligence applied to fluid control and self-driven model development, and high performance computing.


We have investigated the fluid dynamics of shark skin and dolphin skin, developed a beetle-inspired fire extinguisher, and studied flow in the brain.


We study aspects including waste reduction and reclamation, energy efficiency and reclamation, food safety, and efficient nasal therapy.

Deep Dive into Physics

This includes study on ultrasonic levitation, droplet atomization, turbulence modeling, formula car aerodynamics, supercavitating torpedoes and more.


We model the airborne spread of disease by leveraging high-performance computing , studying a novel respiratory treatment and creating new ventilator designs.

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