Michael Diaz

Michael was born and raised in Arecibo, Puerto Rico. He has always been passionate about competition, which led him to participate in sports like soccer, basketball, swimming, and cycling. In Puerto Rico, Michael attended three separate schools. Although, unlike traditional American schools where there is a school for elementary, middle, and high school students, in Puerto Rico, all levels are always in one school. The reason for switching schools included seeking for an accredited school that would allow him to receive a high school diploma acceptable in the United States. Through this process, Michael discovered some potential passions that could one day shape him into a professional. It was in his early life where he decided that engineering would be a good fit for his desire to design, create, and analyze. His curiosity for engineering led him to join his school Vex Robotics team in 2012, where he became team captain and competed as a middle schooler in the Vex competitions at high school level. After winning an island-wide championship the same year and seeing great potential in himself, he knew there had to be greater challenges in the engineering world. Years later, during his sophomore year (2019), Michael decided the school where he planned on graduating was not good for his future, so he decided to do Liberty University Online Academy (LUOA) where he took online courses to receive his high school diploma. Through LUOA’s dual enrollment program, Michael graduated and received his high school diploma and an Associate’s in Arts degree. Presently, he is pursuing his passion at Liberty University as a freshman where he studies Mechanical Engineering, and has been working for the university’s swim team as a photographer since his arrival.