Evangeline Bulla (PhD)

I am Evangeline Bulla from Hyderabad, India and will be pursuing my PhD studies with Prof. Wayne from fall 2021. I’m glad to be joining Liberty University and feel blessed to be a part of FLUID.I will be graduating with my second Masters degree in Aerospace Engineering from University of Nevada,Las Vegas in August 2021. I also hold my first Masters degree in Mechanical Engineering at UNLV. My research interests are in thermo-fluids and aerodynamics. I worked as an instructor for IIT students in Dwarka HS, Hyderabad and also as a Senior Lecturer at Arba Minch University, Ethiopia. I taught Fluid Mechanics, Thermodynamics, Environmental Fluid Mechanics and Entrepreneurship for Engineers for B.Sc students.

My hobbies are singing in the choir, cooking, traveling to scenic places and playing puzzles. I read the Bible, and LORD Jesus is the basis of my faith.